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Punjab needs to create infrastructure for new talent says Harbhajan Singh

The Punjab cricketer Harbhajan Singh has shared his views for the talent in his state. Recently Harbhajan came to Punjab for launching the cricket academy of Mahesh Inder Singh Sodhi and his son Reetinder Singh Sodhi at Togan village near Mullanpur. While he visited for this event, he has shared lots of his reviews on the growth of the cricket and new talent in Punjab. He was very happy for launching a cricket academy as this will bring a new way for many talented people. In this launch meet, Harbhajan Singh net with many young cricketers who were seeking autographs and bowling tips. While, in this launch he also meet may fans and kids who were not less than the best cricketers.

In this launch, we have discussed some things by the former Indian all-rounder Reetinder Sodhi. He was part of ICC under 19 World Cup in 2000. That was the year when India has won the match and he was the part of winning U-19 Indian Cricket team in World Cup 2000. He has played 18 ODI’s for India. He is still known as the all-rounder Reetinder Sodhi. He shared his statement that – “My father Mahesh Inder Singh started his academy in Patiala in 1999. He has coached cricketers like Jeewanjot Singh and Mayank Markande. He wanted to train youngsters in this region and we hope more national and international level cricketers will come from this city.”

While talking with Harbhajan Singh on this launch of cricket academy, he opened up with his views and thoughts with us. Harbhajan Singh said that – “There is no dearth of talent in Punjab. These days, very few kids are coming out to play outdoor games. We need to encourage them and we have to create better infrastructure. In Punjab, sports infrastructure is lacking. We need more academies like these to come up. These facilities can be in the government or the private sector. From government side too, something has to be done so that more and more kids are encouraged to play.” He felt that Punjab government should do a lot more things in order to encourage and bring out the talent of state in the world. No wonder he is saying such, as he has faced all those things and he knew how the life was before being a cricketer. He knows how the struggling days goes on. His concern for the new talent was very natural.

Well, talking about the Harbhajan, recently he has signed up for IPL 2018 by Chennai Super Kings. In his entire IPL career, he has contributed much part to Mumbai Indians. His record in Mumbai Indians was very good. He has claimed eight wickets in 11 matches for Mumbai Indians in IPL 2017. Chennai Super Kings are expecting much more from Singh this time. When asked about this to Harbhajan, he said – “We can lift the trophy for Super Kings. I am looking forward to playing for Chennai Super Kings. We have played two matches and I will try to contribute for Chennai Supers Kings as I did for Mumbai Indians in the past.”

Harbhajan Singh has already played two matches for Chennai Super Kings and those were good. The third match is hitting soon and this time the CSR will be against the Kings XI Punjab. Singh shares that he is really looking forward for playing the IPL and he is sure that this time the trophy will be in his team. Adding to all the important talks, he said –“IPL is all about bringing the talent out. A lot of talent has come up, not for India, but even for other counties as well. So it is a great platform. We will see a lot of U-19 players and they will do well in the years to come.”

Although, Singh really wishes that government of Punjab makes some changes and build some ways for the new talent. He says that there is a bunch of talent in Punjab and there should be source to bring out them to the world. This statement has touched many of the hearts and somewhere it has raised an important part for the young future cricketers.


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