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Is 2019 World cup be like “Doing it for Dhoni”?

The coming year is going to be very important for the Indian cricket team. The World Cup 2019 has many things o come with and the expectations are so high among the people. Many things have been predicting and many are imaging lots of things. As the 2011 World Cup was with caption that-“It was all about Sachin Tendulkar”. Though the match was in the captaincy of MS Dhoni, the tagline was and will be like it was about Sachin Tendulkar. Will, the history will repeat this time? Will the 2019 world cup will come with the tagline that – “All about doing it for Dhoni.

This season of cricket has been on the high end. The fever of cricket has been started with the IPL 2018. People are so excited and all the teams are doing great. Chennai Super kings are trending as always. The last two years were difficult for Dhoni as he was uncomfortable in the Rising Pune Super giant’s team. The two years were not that good for Captain of the ship MS Dhoni. But, as now he is back to his favourite team - "Chennai Super Kings", it feels that king is back in his emperor. The team Chennai Super Kings was also waiting for their captain and loving team mate for this year to join and make the history back on wheels. Well, all this was about IPL, but playing for world cup is a different cup of tea we guess.

Well, do not know whether Dhoni doesn’t give a surprise by taking retirement before World Cup 2019. If this happens then it might be a huge disappointment by the people around the world. Now the question is will Dhoni make his fourth and final tournament? In the year 2014, when he suddenly got retired from the Test series of cricket all in the middle of the matches, it was a real shock for everyone. After that giving Team India’s captaincy to other in all formats was also a big disappointment for fans. In 2016 when he gave up his captaincy it was a real shock. Well, it depends on his choice and we respect his decision. Now it is being imagined that Dhoni will be shedding all the baggage and is preparing for the World Cup 2019. This will be his last match for the world cup, and may be the tagline can be like; it is all about doing for Dhoni.

The previous matches of World Cup were not been farther in terms of the final results. In 2007, his gestures were not so remarkable. The hard hitting exploits and other things made down the dreams of karthik and Patel for the first choice of Keeper for the matches. Those matches were disaster in the real terms. Some few incidents have also been taken place, like fans hitting stones on newly build home of Dhoni in Jharkhand. The fans were very disappointed by the Team and it was a difficult face for the team. While returning from the tournament fans showered their anger and police was also confused how to handle the situation. Well, it all has been forgotten when good deeds come front of the fans.

Well, that year was very disturbing, but after few months everything was changed as Dhoni took charge as the “Captain Cool” of Indian cricket Team. The young captain was very popular among the fans that he couldn’t get enough of the fans appreciation. As, the team won the T20 world cup, fans forgot all the things happened in the past. This phase was of joy and celebration. By then MS DHONI became one of the most successful on-field leader. The Captain Cool was now the heart of Indian Cricket team.

As the Indian Cricket team was playing the World Cup 2011 for Sachin Tendulkar, and the match was only for his dream to get the trophy home. Will, this time that legacy will be continued for Dhoni? Will the boys of Indian cricket team will play the World Cup 2019 For Ms Dhoni? Well, there are chances of being so, and we are hoping that the tagline this time will be for none other than Dhoni.


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