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ICC forms a Panel for clearing India - Pakistan Disputes

The International Cricket council (ICC) has taken a decision to clear all the claims and disputes between India and Pakistan. The disputes are always a part of game, and ICC wants to clear this for a good future. Yesterday there was official news declared by the ICC, that they will form a panel for clearing the disputes between both the teams. The panel will hear Pakistan’s compensation claim against the rival India for refusing to play a bilateral matches.

On Wednesday April 11, there was an official statement from ICC board that- “The hearing will take place in Dubai from 1-3 October and the decision of the Dispute Panel shall be non-appealable” and binding on both Pakistan and India.” In 2015 and 2017 there was a issue between both the countries and that lead to the BCCI to refuse the matches. The two series of India and Pakistan has been refused by BCCI, saying that they didn’t get any permission from Indian government due to the strained relations between both the countries.

According to the reports the hearing will be held in Dubai from October 1st to 3rd among the panel. As the BCCI has also refused the neutral venue series, which will commence in UAE, to keep going on the two series, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has been willing to take action. The PCB has appealed to ICC’s dispute Resolution committee, as of blaming direct to BCCI, for not marinating honour towards the Future Tours and Programme committee (FTP). In the panel committee meeting all the points will be raised and the decision will be neutral as expected for a good and change the rival issue into sportive case.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has given a statement that –“The Hon Michael Beloff QC will chair the Dispute Panel in the matter of proceedings between the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Board of Control for Cricket in India.” Also the ICC association members shared that - The two other members of the panel, which has been established under the Terms of Reference of the ICC Disputes Resolution Committee, are Jan Paulsson and Dr Anabelle Benett AO, SC.”

Last year there was a meeting held between the BCCI and ICC has leaded to initiate the compensation for the loss. The disputes have been increased with these things too. Whereas, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is getting the compensation of total $70 million. The panel will be non-appealable, and will be binding on both the countries India and Pakistan. The panel will small among three- member of it. The claims will be heard by the selected panel. The hearing will take place in Dubai from 1-3 October of this year 2018. This is official news which was declared by the ICC association itself.

BCCI is still in their same saying that they require official approval from the state government for playing the series with Pakistan. Their demands are simple and straight. According to BCCI, they are ready to have a match with Pakistan in ICC or any other multinational tournaments such as Asia Cup. But, the only thing they are refusing is not to engage the bilateral matches. They require the green signal from the state union government says BCCI.

Let us wait and watch for the results of the panel. October is not so far and the wait would be definitely worth. Hope this time the rivalry turns into a good friendly match.


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