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World Cup 2019 ICC got their teams finalized

The ICC World Cup 2019 got their teams finalized. Couple of months away, 2019 is arriving and the ICC world cup association got their cricket teams for the season. ICC World Cup is the most awaited series by everyone, worldwide. Saying that, people are crazy for the ICC world cup matches would be an understatement. The teams have been finalized who will be taking part in the tournament.

Recently the ICC World cup qualifiers where on process and they confirmed the last two teams for the tournament. By the good rankings in 2017, total eight teams were qualified directly for the ICC world cup 2019 tournament. That was held in the 30 September 2017. The eight teams have earned the direct qualification for the ICC world cup and that has been good news for respective teams. The remaining teams were selected by the World cup qualifier match held in this year, 2018. The total teams who got direct entries are – “England, India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Srilanka & Bangladesh. These are the teams who got selected directly for the World Cup 2019. These teams got the direct selection by the rankings in the matches held in 2017.

The two teams which got finalized in the ICC world cup qualifiers match are Afghanistan and West Indies. The West Indies was qualified against the Scotland team. The team has beaten the Scotland team in the final round of super six games. The Afghanistan team has got the selection on the basis on their good luck. With losing the first three games in the qualifiers there was no hope for the team to enter the world cup series in 2019. The Afghanistan is really lucky to toss themselves in the top ten of ICC World Cup 2019.

The selected ten teams will play with each other teams for the winning trophy. The ten teams will be playing with each other until the semi finals matches and then any four of them will be selected among the ten. The next four winning teams of semi finals will rope themselves for the final tournament matches. The format and methods of the matches will be the same as the previous matches. The ICC world Cups are always better and bigger by every tournament. These matches of ICC world cup will held in England and Wales from May to July, 2019.

Every time the qualification process for the ICC World Cup tournaments are different and unique. It all started from 2013, the 94 members below the test members were taken part in different ICC world cricket events in various divisions and zones. The board members of MRF tyres ICC ODI, has to give the second chances for the teams to get qualify. On 30 September, 2017 the second chance for the teams has got their teams of ICC World Cup 2019. The requirements of ten teams are still in process and then in took place for the qualifier matches.

The eight teams were roped long back, but the Afghanistan and West Indies were the final two teams. The ICC association has congratulated the West Indies and Afghanistan team for their selection. He wait is over and now all we have to be is patient. In about couple of months, we will be in 2019 and soon we would be witnessing the tournament. The ICC World Cup is one of the most successful and demanded tournaments in the history of cricket. Well, ICC World Cup has their teams finalized and now all we can do is wish them a big luck and wait for the tournament.


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