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Australia and Pakistan will be heading for tri-series in Zimbabwe

The official news from Zimbabwe Cricket has created a buzz in the media. On Tuesday, April 10, Zimbabwe cricket has announced the news of triangular T20 International series in July 2018. The match will be held among the teams Australia and Pakistan. Zimbabwe will host the T20 international triangular series against the Pakistan and Australia teams which will being in July 2018. This was the official news which Zimbabwe Cricket announced on Tuesday.

This international triangular series T20 would be the amazing matches. The matches will be held in Harare, which will begin in June and will follow by the finals in July. The match will have limited-over’s for the Australian team. In this tournament the Team of UK will play the first five ODIs. In the end there will a T20 international match against England. This T20 match will be held in the month of June in the second week. Later the match will be by a limited ODI series against Pakistan. The managing director of" Zimbabwe Cricket –“Faisal Hasnain” gave a statement that – “Following months of negotiations, we are pleased to confirm we will be hosting a T20I triangular series involving Australia and Pakistan, followed by an ODI series against Pakistan”, in their official website.

In 2014, Australia and visited Zimbabwe for the ODI match which was held on August. Whereas, in 2015, the ODI match was held between Pakistan and Zimbabwe. The three match ODI series was won by Pakistan.

Well, few months ago, Zimbabwe Cricket team has seen many things. They have been in many controversies. The Cricket Board association has been sacked the entire coaching staff. The captain has also been changed. The selectors have also been failed during their test of next year’s 50 over World Cup. The suspensions of previous captain and vice captain has made their coach to take a huge decision of resign. All these have been very difficult phase for the teams. This time the team will have a new coach, captain and a vice captain.

The Schedule of T20 International tri-series:
July 1: Zimbabwe vs. Pakistan
July 2: Pakistan vs. Australia
July 3: Australia vs. Zimbabwe
July 4: Zimbabwe vs. Pakistan
July 5: Pakistan vs. Australia
July 6: Australia vs. Zimbabwe
July 8: Final

The Schedule of Zimbabwe-Pakistan ODI series :
13 July 2018: First ODI
16 July 2018: Second ODI
18 July 2018: Third ODI
20 July 2018: Fourth ODI
22 July 2018: Fifth ODI

This is the opportunity for every team to show their best and make improvisations. The Zimbabwe Cricket has made a warm welcome to both the Australian and Pakistan Teams. This tri series would be a remarkable match in the history of Cricket industry. As of now, the news is that, this time each team will play four matches in a round robin format. This format is going to be so interesting. This schedule will begin from 1 to 6 of July 2018. The top two will be meeting the finals which will commence on July 8, 2018.

These schedules of matches are building the interest of match among the people. The social media is trending with the official statements by Zimbabwe Cricket teams. We will keep updating about the matches and hope this time the tri-series would be more better and bigger.


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