Thursday, March 19, 2015

70 wickets in 7 matches, India holds world record

7 matches 70 wickets world cup record for team India
Cricket world cup 2015, Win against Bangladesh gave 1 more world cup record into Team India account. MS Dhoni and team became 1st team to 70 wickets in 7 consecutive matches that is India bowled out opponent teams in all 7 matches. Earlier,South Africa bowled out opponent team in 6 back to back matches in 2011 world cup.

India at cricket world cup 2015

1. India bowled out Pakistan for 224 runs.

2. South Africa bowled out for 177 runs.

3. UAE all out for 102 runs.

4. West Indies bowled out 182 runs.

5. Ireland all out for 259 runs.

6. Zimbabwe bowled out for 287 runs.

7. Bangladesh fell for 193 runs.

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