Saturday, February 7, 2015

Top ten lowest totals registered in ICC cricket world cup 2015

Canada registered the lowest total of 36 against Sri Lanka, Bermuda takes the tenth place with 78 runs against Sri Lanka. ICC cricket world cup 2015 will start from February 14 and let us see if any new team enters in to the top 10.

Team total score opponent Venue
 Canada  36  Sri Lanka  Paarl
 Canada  45  Sri Lanka  Manchester
 Namibia  45  Australia  Potchefstroom
 Bangladesh  58  West Indies  Dhaka, Bangladesh
 Scotland  68  West Indies  Leicester
 Kenya  69  New Zealand  Chennai, India
 Pakistan  74  England  Adelaide
 Ireland  77  Sri Lanka  Grenada
 Bangladesh  78  South Africa  Dhaka, Bangladesh
 Bermuda  78  Sri Lanka  Port of Spain

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