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India vs Pakistan world cup 2015 whatsapp share

India vs Pakistan world cup 2015
My Girlfriend Is Not Allowing Me To Watch Ind VS Pak World Cup Match. How Do I Convince Her?

Funny Replies

"Considering the worst possible case: You can get a new girlfriend, but No India - Pakistan WC match again at least in next 4 yrs. Choice is yours :-)"

"Well, being an Indian if she doesn't know the importance of India- Pakistan match, then its better that you should enjoy the match. Always remember that, Excitement in a relationship is temporary, but Excitement in the Indo-Pak match is permanent. ;p
No, you are not asking for much. To watch an Indo-Pak encounter is a birthright of every cricket fan."
India vs Pakistan is Utkarsh's birthright and he shall have it!

"Get yourself hit by a car. Make sure you are admitted to a hospital and get a private room with a TV. Sit back and enjoy the match."

"Book an 8 hour spa session for her on that day..."


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