Monday, December 15, 2014

We will bat up to our potential says Rahane

Ajinkya Rahane acknowledged that batting 90-plus overs on a fifth day wicket in Adelaide will boost Indian team's mindset. Speaking to the media he felt that they would have to face the situation by staying calm and patient during their second innings. "I think patience will be the key. The challenge will be to keep the momentum if you get a start. It is going to be a test of our mindset on a fifth day pitch. All our batsmen have got skill. If we apply ourselves well tomorrow then I am very sure everyone will do well," said Rahane. Indian batsmen has not dealt with off-spinners adequately in the recent past and conceded 19 wickets to Moeen Ali in England. "We are practicing against spin and looking at ways to attack it. We are working on this aspect individually and as a batting unit. Personally, I think wherever we have played the opposition bowlers in abroad we have played well, before in England or here in Australia," said the batsman. Australia is now in lead of 363 runs.

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