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India does not believe at winning a test match in overseas says Hayden

Former Australian veteran opener, Matthew Hayden said that India does not have belief they can win away from home and have gone wrong during some key moments of the ongoing Test series against Australia."India's biggest weakness is that they do not believe that they can win away from home if it is starting the day badly or not finishing an innings like they should and they seem to go missing at key moments," Hayden said."The noise around the team is not so great. Putting the food issue aside ( I think is embarrassing for Australia because grounds man and staff will be making an extra effort to provide the food, the visitors require and I feel like India are searching for an excuse," he added. Hayden also commented about controversy of Shikhar Dhawan's refusal to come out to bat on the fourth day in Brisbane after being injured in the practice was a reflection of India's timid approach."Shikhar Dhawan not coming out to bat made India confusion in the Indian camp and his team mates, revealing the fragility of this Indian team," he said,


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