Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Virat Kohli will use lighter bats in Australia series

Indian batsman and present stand in captain Virat Kohli is going to use lighter weight bats in the upcoming test series against Australia to handle bouncy and extra pace pitches and use old model pads to get better grip while batting and running between wickets. Kohli will use new gloves to give better handle grip to play better cover drives. Kohli played last time in Australia during 2011-2012 test series and made 300 runs which included a century in Adelaide. “Kohli’s new bats are made out of top quality English willow, and are about 15 grams lighter than those that he used in the home ODI series against Sri Lanka”, said Gautam manager of player cricket bats and other. “Virat wants light bats that have good pick-up, and I select the willow for them in a factory in Meerut. When he plays in India or in the other Asian countries, the sweet spot is lower down the bat and the bottom part is heavy,” he added

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