Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sachin’s Autobiography ‘Playing It My Way’ reveals Multan test controversy on Dravid’s decision

Sachin tendulkar’s ‘Playing It My Way’ which launched on November 6th in Mumbai has revealed many unknown facts about Indian cricket.One interesting news is Multan test controversy in 2004. Sachin reveals that how he was hurt by Rahul dravid’s decision on innings declaration when he was batting on 194 .Tendukar wrote,”At tea time I asked stand in captain dravid and coach john wright what was the plan. I was informed ,we were looking to give Pakistan an hour to bat. I was perfectly sensible and I went out with this game plan in mind. He continued that ‘A little later when I was on 194 Powar came out and said I should try and get double century in that over itself because Rahul has decided to declare’.”As it happened I did not get to play a single ball with yuvraj on strike and he was out to the fifth ball. “Then just as Parthiv ,the next batsman started to comeout ,I saw Rahul gesturing us to come back to pavilion.I was shocked and disappointed with the decision and after some time sourav and wright came and apologized. Sachin also compared Sydney test when Dravid was batting on 90’s and sourav had sent two messages asking when we should declare and Rahul Dravid carried on batting.” If Rahul was so keen on multan test he should have done the same in Sydney”. However Sachin said that the incident didn’t have any effect on his relationship with Rahul Dravid and we remained as good friends, he added.

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