Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ravi Shastri comparing Virat Kohli with himself

Former Indian player Ravi shastri compared virat with himself and said that he is seeing a bit like himself in Virat kohli when he was playing. "He's aggressive and he's very young, so the exuberance is still seen in him, which is very good for the team. And I see a bit of myself in him," Shastri said. "Even when I was 20-22 years of age, the adrenaline was running high. We've have been playing some good cricket. It's a passionate bunch of boys."Kohli has bought a good factor into the team and kept India on a winning note.When asked about the Rohit batting of 264 he told that he was in pressure and I told him to bat slowly and get out of that pressure and make your most runs and he did that in a great way. "Sometimes having butterflies in your stomach is good but he was under pressure scoring the initial 10-15 runs, but once he overcame the phase, everything fell in place," he added.

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