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ECB is jealous of IPL’s success says Kevin Peterson

Former England player Kevin Peterson says that England and Wales cricket board (ECB) was feeling jealous of Indian premier league which was receiving huge response than any other tournaments and because of that it is not adjusting their schedule to leave a gap for IPL which resulting that their players are not being part of it .Kevin expressed this view in his auto biography ‘KP’. All English players are in fear that if they play IPL they may not be picked for national team.” The ECB won’t reduce their own schedule because it has a television contract with sky that provides a good chunk of their revenue. “The IPL has a potential audience of a billion people in India alone it is an adrenalin rush. The format is built on aggression and thrills .You are paid and looked after for better . I have got to make a living .Your career passes you by quickly. “The IPL is the future” , he said.


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Australia and Pakistan will be heading for tri-series in Zimbabwe

The official news from Zimbabwe Cricket has created a buzz in the media. On Tuesday, April 10, Zimbabwe cricket has announced the news of triangular T20 International series in July 2018. The match will be held among the teams Australia and Pakistan. Zimbabwe will host the T20 international triangular series against the Pakistan and Australia teams which will being in July 2018. This was the official news which Zimbabwe Cricket announced on Tuesday.

This international triangular series T20 would be the amazing matches. The matches will be held in Harare, which will begin in June and will follow by the finals in July. The match will have limited-over’s for the Australian team. In this tournament the Team of UK will play the first five ODIs. In the end there will a T20 international match against England. This T20 match will be held in the month of June in the second week. Later the match will be by a limited ODI series against Pakistan. The managing director of" Zimbabwe Cricket –…

Kieron Pollard leaves ODI, return to West Indies board

The West Indies team has been qualified for the World cup 2019. The team has been qualified for the ICC world Cup in the qualifiers round in 2018. Though losing to Afghanistan in the final, the team has made a space in the World Cup 2019.

On this take, Kieron Pollard has shared his excitement towards the team. Pollard said that he was delighted to see that the West Indies has been qualified for the World Cup 2019. While talking with the 30 year old, all rounder player Pollard that he is available to play one –day internationals for West Indies team. Well, he also said that he is unsure about the plans of the board for him in the 50 over format game.

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