Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kohli feel blessed to be compared with Sachin

Virat Kohli has proved himself to be a true talent and a promising batsman for the future of Indian cricket with consistent performances this year. With his performances with the bat, he is been one of the hot topics and some people even compare him to the Indian maestro Sachin Tendulkar. Kohli reacting to this feels very pleasured, honored and blessed to be compared to his idol whom he literally worships but wants to keep his focus going on the game rather than these type of comparisons because Sachin has achieved many records that looks like mission impossible for Kohli and that thinking about those records will ruin his concentration on the game and increases pressure. Virat Kohli felt that Sachin has done a lot to Indian Cricket and dedicated the world cup to him similar to his fellow team mates. He is also trying to control his aggression on the field as he does not want to let his behavior climb on top of his game and concentrate on the game better than any other thing.

Virat is learning a lot from Dhoni being a vice-captain and backed the selection of Yuvraj Singh that, if Yuvraj Singh performs, it would be a great boost up for the team and will increase the chances of winning the ICC T20 World Cup 2012. Sachin himself spoke on an occasion and mentioned kohli’s name in response to a question asked about him about cricketers who might break his records. Virat Kohli is now 23 year old and has a long way to go in his cricketing career. Hope that he would change mission impossible to possible and stand up with Sachin’s words.

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