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Super Moon To Be Closest To Earth on March 19

What is a Super Moon?

Super Moon is the phenomenon that occurs when the moon will reach very closer i.e., 90% of its degree closest to the planet Earth. This phenomenon occurs for every 18 years and this is going to repeat this year on March 19. Normally the distance between Earth and the moon is 3,84,440 km but on this Super Moon day it may be around 3,57,000 km distance.

Don't Worry!

Astrologers on the Super Moon have predicted that Super Moon may cause disasters in many parts of the world like tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods etc. They have also linked to yesterday’s Tsunami and earthquake effect in Japan, which was measured as 8.9-magnitude on the vector scale. But scientists are opposing the astrologer’s prediction saying that there is no link between the Super Moon and earthquakes as the moon effects can cause only ocean tides to run higher than the tides on a normal day. NASA supported the scientists confirming that there is no co-relation between the Super Moon and the earthquakes and there is no need for the people to worry regarding the disasters that may occur due to this Super Moon on 19th of this month. Generally moon rotates around the Earth in Elliptical orbit causing the moon to stay closer sometimes and far at times. So there is no need to fear that any disasters may occur on 19th of this month. Just have a look at the sky on March 19th to view the Super Moon.


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