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Cricket Worldcup Quiz No:1

  1. Cricket worldcup first held in ?

  2. 1974

  3. The 2007 Cricket World Cup matches were held between ?

  4. 11 March and 28 April 2007
    12 Febraury and 28 April 2007
    13 March and 28 April 2007
    14 Febraury and 28 April 2007

  5. The first ever International cricket match was played between ?

  6. Canada and the United States
    Autralia and India
    India and Pakistan
    Australia and England

  7. Which player scored the most centuries during the first seven World Cups?

  8. Sachin Tendulkar
    Sir Vivian Richards
    Mark Waugh
    Glenn Turner

  9. Which country did not win the World Cup during those 25 years?

  10. India
    Sri Lanka

  11. Who is the only player to represent 2 countries in the World Cup?

  12. Kepler Wessels
    Steve Waugh
    Mark Waugh
    Wasim Akram

  13. Which country beat Australia in its first World Cup appearance in 1983?

  14. Zimbabwe
    Sri Lanka
    South Africa

  15. Which player took the most wickets during those World Cup campaigns?

  16. Imran Khan
    Shane Warne
    Wasim Akram
    Kapil Dev

  17. What coloured ball was used in the first World Cup in 1975?

  18. Grey

  19. 1975 to 2003: who was the only all rounder to score 500 runs and take 30 wickets in World Cup game

  20. Imran Khan
    Steve Waugh
    Kapil Dev
    Wasim Akram


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